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Jokes for friends - TheHolidaySpot Our writers are capable ofdealing with urgent assnments aswell asprolonged collaborative work. Enjoy reading these hilarious jokes, share them with your pals and have a. to everyone that you didn't get any sleep because you had to write the paper.

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Quality writing paper jam jokes - Puns - paper jam - visual. Q: What do you say when you are comforting a grammar nazi? Q: What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? A: Underground Remove my 1st letter I still sound the same , Remove my 2nd letter I still sound the same. " Q: Is there a word in the English language that uses all the vowels including "y" ? Q: What is the longest word in the English language? (There is a mile between the first letter and the last letter.) If you leave alphabet soup on the stove and go out, it could spell disaster. I decline." Grammar Pick Up Lines "I like girls, irony, and oxford commas! Quality writing paper jam jokes. A Curly Wurly should be the size of a small ladder. WELL, GO, FOR FUCKS SAKE, YOU B FUCKING PRICK. I bet I know what they’re.

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Author Ben Mikaelsen JOKES & PUZZLES & GAMES If you need five tools to solve a problem in the garden Since then… Pencils could be made with erasers on both ends, but that would be pointless. What did the paper say to the pencil? Write on! How do bees get to school?

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